Italian Adventures Pt. 2

3 Jul


I had THE BEST pizza today.

I think most people who know me would agree that I’m a connoisseur of pizza – or at least that I like it, A LOT. My friend Sarah and I stopped at this little place near St. Croce cathedral and had their Siciliano pizza. No sauce, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, sun dried tomatoes and olives. O.M.G. The sun dried tomatoes were slices, not skimpy little bits, and the olives were whole black olives. The crust was thin, but not crispy. Somehow, the wood-burning oven keeps the dough slightly fluffy. Then we got gelato – I had a scoop of Tiramisu flavor – yum!

Later, we walked with our friend Johnathan through a street market. Sarah caught the attention of an Italian man named Romino, who told her that everything for her was free before whisking her away into his leather store. There, he proceeded to help her try on different leather jackets while commenting on how much he loved her, um, boobies. Unfortunately, Johnathan and my laughing only encouraged him and Romino kissed poor Sarah – repeatedly – playing it up for Johnathan’s camera. He then pinched my thigh and asked if I was Jennifer Lopez’s sister. When we finally escaped, I haggled with a vendor for a lambskin purse and got it for 20 euro instead of 28.

There is so much to do and I’m not quite sure where to start – I keep having to remind myself that I have a whole month to explore. We’re still planning on taking on Paris this weekend. Rome is scheduled for next weekend and we have wine tasting this coming Wednesday. So strange to think that we’re all actually LIVING in Florence for a month. I mean, I had to buy toilet paper today. (Thank God for 99 cent stores – can’t be wasting my spending money on necessities!)


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