Italian Adventure – Pt. 4; Chianti Wine Tour

6 Jul

I don’t even know where to start when it comes to talking about today. It was perfect.

First of all, it was the first night of this trip that I slept well and long enough, so that helped. We met for the tour at 8:45 am outside of our school and piled into a charter bus that took us to the first winery. It was a castle (no exaggeration) that belonged to the Pozzi family (translating to ‘crazy’).

The family was famous for attempting to take down the Medici brothers during the Renaissance. They failed and their home and fortune was confiscated by the remaining Medici brother who took out all but a few Pozzi-family men. Just about everything about the Pozzi family was destroyed. This coat of arms is one of the few remaining for the Pozzi family and it was done by Donatello. I’m telling you – amazing!

We tried a white and two reds here, along with the olive oil they produce. I bought a bottle of red, a bottle of white and a bottle of oil.

Then we had this beautiful lunch – red wine, three appetizers of prosciutto, thinly-sliced salami and caprese salad, followed by two pasta dishes (penne with pork and light tomato sauce, and pasta stuffed with pear and sheep cheese with a truffle cream sauce – heaven!), then dessert of biscotti and chocolate mousse with a macchiato. We sat on this vine-covered patio, in warm, breezy weather, that overlooked the rolling green hills, miles of vineyards, perfect blue sky. Everyone was talking, laughing, taking photos – I didn’t want to leave.

But we did and went to the second winery where we got to walk through the vineyards and see the wine-making process step-by-step. We tried three more red wines and a dessert wine and their signature olive oil. I bought a red and a bottle of olive oil. Then we headed home.

I’m already a sucker for a good meal, good drink and great company, but when you have me live in the capital of Tuscany and take me to visit the most famous wine-making region to do all that, I couldn’t really ask for more. Honestly, the pictures don’t come close to capturing the beauty of the area and no amount of words can describe the feeling being there gives you.

After we came home, my friend and I climbed to the top of this hill that overlooks the entire city. We bought a gelato and sat on these steps just admiring Florence. There were fireworks off in the distance that created a perfect backdrop for a band that was playing in the piazza.

The three-British-man street band (Boom138 – find them on YouTube and “get in touch”) played for a couple hours. While they were playing, another party nearby let these red lanterns float up into the air (like in Rapunzel). It was absolutely beautiful! When the band was finished playing, we hung out with them for awhile before heading back home.

Today is going to be hard to top – but I have 25 more days to try!


2 Responses to “Italian Adventure – Pt. 4; Chianti Wine Tour”

  1. Mom July 6, 2011 at 11:20 am #

    I hope some of that wine is for me !!!!! LOL

  2. Vanessa July 6, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    That looks gorgeous, I’m happy for you 😀

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