(More) Italian Adventures: Pt. 5

8 Jul

Last night, I narrowly escaped a bout of homesickness. Right as I was about to sit alone at my computer and write some I-miss-home emails, I was invited out to this park where a nearby bar set up a beer and wine garden. It was a block from our apartment and we had a couple cocktails before myself and two others went back to my apartment. We ended up talking in the living room for a good hour before they left for their apartment. Very nice night.

Today was another beautiful day in Florence. After class, Amir, the VP of technology for CSUF, took the whole class out for gelato. We went to this place that had a ton of flavors to choose from. I went with Nutella and Ricotta with fig (you get two flavor choices no matter what size you get). The Nutella was good and since I recently discovered I love figs (and the sheep cheese and pear pasta on Wednesday was amazing) I had to get the second flavor. Who would have thought cheese-flavored ice cream would be so good?

Then I went to the train station with three of my friends to buy our tickets for tomorrow to Cinque Terre. It’s a coastal area made up of five small towns. Technically, it’s a national park too. We’re leaving at 6:10 am tomorrow to get there around 10. We’re going to hunt for a place to stay – if we can’t find one, we’ll hike the trails from town to town, go for a swim at one of the swimming areas and head home on the train later that night.

After that, we stopped for lunch at this authentic Italian restaurant. I mean, hardly any English spoken. Fortunately, I knew what I was ordering – tortellini ragu. Everyone else took a gamble. One friend ended up with cold, white beans with tuna, drizzled with olive oil. Her face was hilarious when she took her first bite. LOL When she finished her plate she said, “It grew on me after awhile – it wasn’t good – but it grew on me.”

Then we headed to the third museum I’ve been to on this trip. This place’s claim to fame is Michelangelo’s David. Unfortunately, they don’t let you take pictures inside the museum. This work is literally breath-taking. On his pedestal, David commands attention. The statue is enormous and the detail is remarkable – the curls in his hair, the hairs of his eyebrows, the veins in his hands. After we saw that, we weren’t really interested in anything else the museum had.

On our way back, we stopped to take pictures of this cute wine barrel decoration and the man that owned the restaurant was quick to point out that we’d “recognize him.” He worked with the Jersey Shore cast when they filmed in Italy. So, I took a picture with him. 😛

We browsed some stores and I’ve got quite the wish list running. So far, I’m going to try to bring home an amazing pair of Italian shoes, a beautiful handmade skirt (you can see the women sewing in the boutique), hand paintings from street artists (for my very own place – why yes, that IS Italian art on my modest walls), a leather journal (for future travel documentation), and chocolates from a local chocolatier.

It’s only 8 pm here and the sun is still out, but i’m going to bed so I can be up and at the train station by 5:45 am – I’m going to need some time to figure out the boarding process for sure.



One Response to “(More) Italian Adventures: Pt. 5”

  1. Vanessa July 8, 2011 at 10:20 pm #

    Nutella gelato. YUUM! You look so beautimus in your pictures :). Can’t wait to see the blue shoes!

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