Italian Adventures: Cinque Terre

11 Jul

On Saturday, we visited Cinque Terre (five lands). Aside from the train (you can read about here), it was absolutely beautiful.

We went swimming in Monterosso, then on a huge hike to the top of a mountain overlooking the beach in Monterosso (talk about a great workout).

At the top of the mountain, we found this old, abandoned fort/house/castle thing. The sign was only in Italian so we couldn’t read anything more than San Antonio something-or-other. Since the hike up there was such a feat, we had to make it known that we actually made it up there, so…

We then went to Vernazza – absolutely beautiful! I want to go back before the trip is over so I can go swimming at this beach:

Some of the towns didn’t have much to offer (at least not right off the train – you had to walk/hike up and back into the hills to get to the buildings and we were spent so we didn’t get there). But Monterosso and Vernazza were beautiful. Riomaggiore has a hike I’d like to try too – Via del Amore. It’s this hike with graffiti along the route that all has to do with love. How cute, right?

Tonight, I’m going to Aperitivo (buy a drink and munch on their appetizer buffet as much as you like – America could learn from that), then dinner at another apartment, then out dancing. Pisa and bike riding in Lucca tomorrow. I think I’m past the wall 🙂


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