Back to Florence

18 Jul

I’m working on the Roman picture post – it’s going to take awhile to get all the pics in there. So I thought I’d update you on Rome.

I think the last time I left you, I was going to have dinner at Becky’s family’s restaurant and go to the ice bar. Well, Becky’s family was a very distant relative (she heard about it from her (great?) uncle). But it didn’t matter to these people. They were so happy to meet her and her two friends. They comped nearly everything and kept offering us more food. Then they kissed us all goodbye on the cheeks. They also kept apologizing for their English, which was absolutely absurd seeing as we were in Rome and couldn’t speak any Italian. Sweetest people ever!

However, I never actually went IN to the ice bar. Everyone flaked because of the 15 euro cover. So that was lame. But I did have a good evening playing darts with Becky (she won by one stinkin’ point – but she did get a dead-on bullseye, how could you be mad?)

The next day we went to the Coliseum. It was amazing! So cool to be standing in a place that you read about and sounds like it was made up just for storybooks or movies. We also visited the Forum and the Senate house and this guy in our group, Tony, gave me my favorite joke of the trip thus far. He’s a poli-sci major and is going into law school so was most excited about visiting Rome. I asked him, “What’s your favorite part of Rome?” and he looked at me and goes, “Of Rome? The Republic.” Comedy appreciated, Tony.

That night we had a group dinner and Sarah and I wandered. We stumbled upon a surprise concert by the Italian military. Nice! Then we made it back to the Spanish Steps where Becky was playing her guitar for a bunch of people from our group and anyone else who would listen. Strangers were complimenting her and asking her name and whether she has her stuff on iTunes. It was so cool.

Then yesterday, we checked out of the hotel and went shopping. I bought a dress and another pair of shoes.

We got back to Florence and had dinner at this great restaurant on the Arno River.

I loved Rome and wish we would have been based there instead of Florence, but oh well! I booked my weekend trip to the Island of Capri and Pompeii this morning and next weekend, I’m visiting Venice for a day.

Somewhere in all this excitement I’ve got to actually do school work…


One Response to “Back to Florence”

  1. Vanessa July 18, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    The dress and shoes are gorgeous!!

    All of the pictures are so beautiful, and now sweet of Becky’s relatives :).

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