Italian Adventures: Motley Crew of Stories

26 Jul

So yesterday I spent the day working on homework, having a nice dinner with Sarah and Becky, watching a movie at Sarah’s and coming home.

Today, we had class. Then Sarah and I wandered, met up with Becky for dinner and then met up with another of my housemates to meet up with these two guys we met yesterday while we were working on our project. Well, only one showed up. So four girls to one guy = awkward. Turns out, Sarah, Becky and I ended up chaperoning this weird date between the guy and my housemate. It was annoying. But, we found this hilarious Italian band that sang American songs – everything from a slow-jam version of Bon Jovi and Blink 182 (or ‘Blink cinquenta otenta due’ in Italian, LOL) to Van Halen. We rocked out the “Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night” and George Michael’s “Faith” before the three of us decided we were done being chaperones and Becky and I headed off to a pub to meet our other program friends and get a drink.

That drink turned into the WORST margarita I’ve ever had. Which called for a vodka cranberry to wash out the taste. During these beverages, we sang (at the top of our lungs) to Journey and the proper version of Bon Jovi – good times!

Full disclosure: I’m riding a flattered buzz right now. I apparently have a nice booty, LOL. Once we were at the bar, I declared this statement myself during a very strange conversation and one guy here (who has a gf) said he agreed – and he’s the grumpy gus of the guys on this trip! Nice. I’m pretty sure I blushed but then got over that and was just plain flattered.

Then, Becky and I hung out with these two Italian guys who were, well, opportunists. She apparently danced with one of them a few nights ago and his friend just latched on to me. When I told him I was 23, he said I looked 18 (opportunists I tell ya…Italians, hanging out at a bar that attracts American students and thinking I was only 18…shame on you sir). He had a lizard necklace on. I was not impressed. But they were funny and this guy kept telling me I “was nice.” Well thank you sir – yes, yes I am.

And I have a great ass.


2 Responses to “Italian Adventures: Motley Crew of Stories”

  1. Vanessa July 27, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    I totally agree, you are nice and your bum is fantastic lol. It sounds like you’re having too much fun! i’m so very jealous. This whole being poor in July business sucks. So looking forward to our bff date next week :).

    • shan1087 July 28, 2011 at 2:56 am #

      I am too! And I’m going to be poor in August, so it’s ok! Only a few more days til I’m home šŸ™‚

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