Italian Adventures: Museums, Rain, Caffe Lattes & A Giant Bottle of Wine

28 Jul

Yesterday was one of those days that only happens once in a great while. You wake up with a whole day as a blank slate with only one thing you HAVE to do and the rest of the time is yours. Most of the time, for me anyway, these days turn into me being bored and desperately searching for something fun to do before time runs out or I end up doing something lame like cleaning or homework. However, yesterday did not end up that way.

It started with a tour of the Palazzo Pitti – a huge palace of a wealthy family (the Pitti) and all the artwork, furniture and other extravagances they had. Afterwards, Becky, Jonathan and I went for lunch. We went to this place along the river that’s absolutely beautiful. We lingered over our long lunch before realizing that it was raining outside. Even though we were in shorts and tank tops, we strolled back to my apartment to get my museum pass. I changed into jeans and a sweatshirt (in July!) and Becky and I grabbed some umbrellas and went to explore the Boboli Gardens.

Boboli Gardens

The gardens were lovely and we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Then, we went back to her apartment so she could change and we could have a small sit. We chatted in her kitchen for awhile before heading back towards my place. On the way there, we stopped for a cup of caffe latte. We sat outside along the river and sipped our coffee in the misty weather and just talked.

Finally, we made it back to my apartment where a few other girls were home. We played around with Mac’s Photobooth for a bit before Becky and I headed just outside of my building for a quick pizza for dinner to bring back upstairs. About halfway through our dinner, the guys showed up with a 5-liter bottle of Chianti that they bought from one of the wineries a few weeks ago.

That's how we roll

About 10 of us sat around our kitchen table, drinking wine and playing Kings Cup with red wine (how classy!). A few more people stopped by briefly before heading out again, but 5 of us stayed in and played a card game before heading to bed.

The weather gave this warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling to the whole day. We packed quite a bit into our day without any planning and the sheer laziness of everything was very welcome. Nothing spectacular happened but it was one of my favorite days on this trip.


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