Italian Adventures: Secret Bakery

30 Jul

My roommate’s friend who studied abroad told her about a secret bakery in Florence near our apartment. Apparently, they work/bake all night and deliver the goods to other restaurants during the day. So, the only way to buy the pastries fresh is to visit the shop from 1-5 am.

We found it tonight. It’s down a small alley of a residential neighborhood and has an unmarked door. You can tell it’s the bakery by 1. the delivery van in front 2. the sign that says, “Be quiet please” and 3. the delicious smell.

You have to knock on the door – pound rather – and wait for the baker to come and unlock it. He opens it just enough for you to say, “croissant?” to which he answers, “chocolate, cream or plain?” After taking your order he shuts and locks the door. It’s like a drug deal but with sweet treats!

For only 1 euro each, the 4 of us that made the trek in the middle of the night each got a fresh croissant. We saw a group of guys walk away with pizza slices and one had a pineapple danish. Yum!

Tomorrow morning, closer to 5 am, I’m going over there to get a few for breakfast at the airport. Too bad we didn’t know about this joint sooner.

Becky, me, Jonathan, Sarah after our second Secret Bakery Trip


One Response to “Italian Adventures: Secret Bakery”

  1. Vince July 30, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

    Got the goods? Lol hahaha that’s tight

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