Italian Adventures: Fun Tidbit

31 Jul

Before I left for Italy, I posted about my grandma and throughout this trip I’ve thought of her many times.

I’ve seen dresses and shoes in store windows that reminded me of things she brought to the States from Germany. I’ve been to different places in Italy and wondered if she was in the same spot many years ago during her travels. And yesterday, I smiled to myself in Venice when I heard something I haven’t heard in a very long time.

I was in a crowded area following my tour group when we passed by this family. I believe they were German but I could be making that up in order to fit my memory better. Anyway, as we passed, one of the children lost their balance and started to fall as one of the adults quickly grabbed the child and said, “oops-sa-la.”

I haven’t heard “oops-sa-la” in years. My grandma always said it when “oops” or “uh oh” was called for and I’ve never heard anyone besides her say it.

It was a nice way to bring my trip full-circle.


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