Home Again & Broke

2 Aug

I’m home! I spent the day getting ready to go back to reality. Grocery shopping, the gym, laundry, mani-pedi with the bestie and now, I’m broke.

I had to restock all my food and toiletries and please believe me when I say the pedicure was absolutely necessary. This was only the second professional pedicure I’ve had in my life so you know it was desperately needed. Of course a Starbucks was called for before being pampered. And then In-n-Out for dinner was a must. I mean, I AM back in Cali after all. And after binging on delicious animal-style fries and vanilla shake we HAD to walk around the Ontario Mills to help settle our meal. Which of course reminded me that I got a coupon for a free pair of underpants in the mail while I was gone, so we had to stop at Victoria’s Secret which of course led to a matching bra purchase (I had another coupon though!)

Fortunately, I go back to work tomorrow and can start working on bringing in money rather than just dishing it out, but there are so many fun things I need to do before my first (small) paycheck comes in!

I need to do happy hour on Thursday with my bestie at our favorite watering hole! I need to go out dancing with my friends (old and new) on Friday because I haven’t seen (some) of them in over a month! I need to meet up with my new friend and her friends at the OC Fair because I love my new friend so much and meeting people is one of my new favorite things! (Fortunately, the day we’re going to the fair, I just have to bring 5 pieces of gently worn clothing to get in free so that helps.) I need to have girls night next Monday with my grad school friends because they never come to anything I try to put together!

Dang all these unexpected expenditures!

Don’t you just hate it when life happens?


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