Just Desserts

17 Aug

The past two days I’ve spent over 45 minutes on either the treadmill or elliptical or both, followed by some weights and ab workouts. Even though it was nearly 80 degrees inside my house last night, I earned this. (Also, I hate wasting food and Lord knows how seldom I use heavy cream and I had some left over from making cheesecake, so this really had to be done.)

I made dark hot chocolate, home made whipped cream and sprinkled the final product with cinnamon. Ah-mazing.

Ingredients: Heavy cream, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, Dove dark chocolate squares, milk (not shown)

Chill beaters and a tall narrow bowl for 15 minutes in the freezer. Add 1 C heavy cream. Beat until soft peaks form. Add 2-4 tblspns of powdered sugar (depending on your desired sweetness) and 1-2 tspns vanilla extract. Beat until stiff peaks form. Voila! Whipped cream.

For the hot chocolate, I used the remaining bit of cream, some soy milk and a little bit of 2% milk. Heat milk in saucepan and add Dove dark chocolate squares (I used 8 – and some leftover semi-sweet chocolate chips I found in the fridge that weren’t enough to do anything else with.) Heat until chocolate melts stirring constantly. Delicious!

Dark hot chocolate with homemade whipped cream sprinkled with cinnamon served in an oh-so cuddly mug


Delicious imperfection

The whipped cream was a little too dense to sit prettily on top like the kind that comes from an aerosol can, but oh well! Maybe a shorter whipping time would help that. Sprinkle with cinnamon and enjoy! (Probably not on a summer night like I did, but even then – so good!)


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