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Biggest Loser Is Back!

22 Sep

The Biggest Loser is back on TV and this time is “A battle of the ages.” Three teams divided by the ages of the contestants. Interesting way to divide the contestants. So far, the youngest team won the first weigh-in but the middle-aged team put up quite the fight.

There are two new trainers this season – Anna Kournikova and Dovett Somethin-or-other. I miss Jillian but I think Anna and Dovett can make it work. Anna might be a little too sweet to motivate the extra-stubborn, but gosh is she cute. *Cue ratings.* Dovett is tough, more so than Bob, but they showed his calm, life-coach side too. Perhaps he’s channeling Jillian? That’s it. He a tall, built, handsome, black-man version of Jillian. *Cue more ratings.*

Have you watched the premiere of Biggest Loser? Who’s your favorite contestant so far? (I haven’t picked yet – they’re all too whiney still.) What do you think about the show sans Jillian? What about the new trainers? Do you guys even care about the show like I do?


Super Cute ‘How To’

19 Sep

This was ‘Freshly Pressed’ today and it just caught my eye. I had no idea it was about running, but it’s very true – and a handy ‘how to’ guide!


Click the picture to learn how to say good morning to fellow runners!

Caffeine & White Willow Bark

15 Sep

First of all – I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post. It feels like it’s been a day. I’ve been super busy at work, class three nights a week, gym, family, friends, cleaning/chores/errands (or at least attempting)…where does the time go?!

Anyway, I’ve started taking caffeine and white willow bark about 30-40 minutes before my workouts. I read about this in Jillian Michaels’ book “Making the Cut” – the concentrated caffeine increases your adrenaline (and is more effective/streamlined because it’s not diluted or mixed with processors or sugars like coffee), which increases your stamina, heart rate and ultimately your metabolism. The white willow bark is ‘nature’s aspirin’ and works together with the caffeine.

Personally, I don’t notice an increase in adrenaline – I feel the same before and during my workout as I do without taking anything, but I do feel like my ‘after burn’ is having more effects. It seems that having the increased metabolism during and after my workout (coupled with doing weights first and cardio last) help burn more fat/calories even after I’ve left the gym. I’ve noticed that my ‘problem areas’ that haunt me to no end are showing a little bit of improvements.

Basically, I haven’t experienced any negative side effects from taking caffeine and white willow bark (which could include headaches, heart palpitations, etc.) but think I may be seeing some benefits – granted, these aren’t magic pills (you still have to eat right and exercise) but they help make your body help you. The two supplements cost about $14 at my local NutriShop, so they didn’t break the bank either.

Have you tried any supplements? What works/doesn’t work for you?

Colbert Tackles Fitness Health

7 Sep

I’m stealing away from work to post this link to a hilarious clip from the Colbert Report I saw last night.


Colbert Report: Cheating Death – Placebocisers and Vaxamalgam