About Me!

I’m a 20-something Master’s Degree student in Southern California. In the past couple of years, I’ve developed a love of exercise, nutrition and have toyed with the idea of becoming a personal trainer. More recently, I’ve discovered I’m a pretty decent cook – especially with easy, healthy and affordable recipes (I am, after all, a starving student).

More things I’ve adopted that add to a healthy lifestyle:

– Walks around my neighborhood during sunset (there are some gorgeous views from some nearby hills)

– Weekly Happy Hour with new friends (making a nearly-unbearable class much more bearable)

– Making new friends (something that has been consistently difficult for me in the past but is becoming easier as part of this new personal growth I’ve been experiencing)

– Creating a very attainable bucket list that I plan to start as soon as I complete my Master’s (it includes things like getting back into community theater, voice lessons, burlesque dancing, zumba classes, adopting a pet…or several, travel…)

– Becoming gradually more self-sufficient (I’d estimate I’m about 90% completely independent)

I look forward to sharing my healthy life tricks with you!

**Disclaimer** I am not a licensed nutritionist, physical therapist, personal trainer, chef, doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc. etc. Everything I suggest on here are things I’ve come up with on my own or have found during my Internet/magazine browsings. I’m just sharing with you like I would my close, personal friends. 🙂


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