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Protein Style

12 Aug

I love cheeseburgers. I love Southern California. Therefore, I love In-n-Out. I also love mystery (as you can tell from my excitement with the secret bakery) so it’s only fitting that I love In-n-Out’s secret menu (locals only, yo!)

I’ve tried a few things on their secret menu – animal style fries and burgers – but last night, I had my first protein style cheeseburger. Loved it!

Lovely picture of a cheeseburger animal style care of

I’m not one to shy away from carbs but I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym that night and I wasn’t able to go on my lunchtime walk and I was out-and-about and starving and poor so I took the opportunity to try it. Granted the cheese and ‘spread’ aren’t exactly “good for you” but taking away the bun makes this a slightly healthier burger option (only about 330 calories according to In-n-Out’s nutritional chart). And it was only about $3. Win!


Lunch Time Workouts

7 Aug

Being back in the States after living in Italy for a month made me realize how little Americans actually move. I walked everywhere in Italy and here, I drive everywhere. Before I left the country, I tried to get to the gym at least three times a week. Now, I still try to make my gym goal every week but I’ve also upped the anti – I’m aiming to move much more on a daily basis. I started on Friday while at work.

I bring my lunch to work 99% of the time but many times, I end up with a lot of time left over on my lunch. (It doesn’t take an hour to eat a turkey sandwich and some grapes…)

So, I decided I would try something. I brought my tennis shoes and iPod and after I was done with my caprese salad, I laced up and started walking. I work on a university campus, so I have access to a track which makes it easy to monitor how far I walked – about a mile and a half.

I didn’t walk very fast because I still had to be presentable when I went back into the office, but I burned way more calories than I would have if I was sitting the whole time.

Another thing I’ve done in the past is go on walks around the campus and through the neighborhoods. The change of scenery makes these walks more interesting if walking in a circle isn’t really your thing.

What creative ‘moves’ do you do during the work day?

Simple Swap: Honey Mustard & Low Fat Mayo

25 May

I’m not a fan of plain, yellow mustard – at all. I used to opt for mayo (only the teensiest bit) when making a sandwich at home or getting one from Subway, and then I saw that EVERY calorie came from fat. Gross.

So next time I was at the store I checked the label of Light Mayo – 35 calories (instead of 90) per serving…but 30 calories are from fat. Gross.

I was eating my sandwiches dry for awhile.

Then I discovered honey mustard:

This little gem is only 10 calories a serving with NONE of the calories from fat. And it is a much better alternative to a dry sandwich.

Then I came across the dilemma of, “What am I going to use to make tuna???”

Low Fat Mayo, of course! (I’m not sure what makes it different from ‘Light Mayo’ but there IS a BIG difference in calories.)

Low Fat Mayo only has 15 calories per serving (10 of which are from fat but…I’m not ready to make tuna with mustard so…) and has tasted fine to me in my last batch of tuna.

I looked at the mayo that’s made with olive oil, but that still had 50 calories/serving 45 of which are from fat – ick.

Now, I only use honey mustard on my sammiches ( 🙂 ) and keep a small jar of Low Fat Mayo for tuna use only!

Simple Swap: Slim-Fast Lunch

9 May

Ok, I know a lot of people think they couldn’t possibly get by with just an 11 oz drink for lunch, but really, you can.

I’ve never done the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 plan and I don’t use the shakes to lose weight per se, but I do keep Slim-Fast meal shakes on hand for days like today – I opted to sleep in 15 minutes rather than put together my lunch and I’ve been running non-stop since I walked in the office.

Slim-Fast meal shakes

Slim-Fast meal shakes

This shake is perfect to grab and go, and because it has 10 grams of protein (20% of your daily intake), it really does fill you up until dinner. The vanilla and strawberry flavors have 180 calories per can, while the chocolate royale (pictured) has 190 calories. I prefer the chocolate and vanilla flavors. Strawberry is OK and I recommend staying far away from the capuccino kind (ick!).

Another perk – they’re affordable. You can usually find six-packs for about $5 at WalMart and just this past weekend I saw a 12-pack there for $10 (either packs come to $0.83/can!)

Light Lunch

6 May
I work full-time in an office at a local university. There is a lot of sitting involved with my job (although I do love the opportunities to run errands around campus as it gives me a chance to get my blood flowing). So it’s important to eat well during the day since I’m not burning a lot of calories most of the time. By bringing my lunch to work 99% of the time, not only do I have portion control but I also save a lot of $$.
I put this lunch together yesterday for the reasons stated above…and because I knew my dinner was probably going to be heavy.
Light Lunch: Spinach salad

Spinach salad with Italian dressing and a plum

My salad comprised of spinach, baby carrots, sliced yellow squash, black olives, tomato, a little bit of shredded mozzarella cheese and Italian dressing with a plum. They say ‘eat your colors’ and I’m pretty sure this lunch just about covers ROYGBIV.

The spinach and squash are from what was left of my Lemon Garlic Baked Tilapia, the olives I had in my pantry, the baby carrots I try to keep on hand (same with Italian dressing), the tomato and cheese were in my fridge from previous dinners I put together (turkey burgers and chicken parmigiana respectively – posts coming soon), and the plum was one of the fruits I picked up during my last grocery stop.

What’s your light lunch of choice?