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Biggest Loser Is Back!

22 Sep

The Biggest Loser is back on TV and this time is “A battle of the ages.” Three teams divided by the ages of the contestants. Interesting way to divide the contestants. So far, the youngest team won the first weigh-in but the middle-aged team put up quite the fight.

There are two new trainers this season – Anna Kournikova and Dovett Somethin-or-other. I miss Jillian but I think Anna and Dovett can make it work. Anna might be a little too sweet to motivate the extra-stubborn, but gosh is she cute. *Cue ratings.* Dovett is tough, more so than Bob, but they showed his calm, life-coach side too. Perhaps he’s channeling Jillian? That’s it. He a tall, built, handsome, black-man version of Jillian. *Cue more ratings.*

Have you watched the premiere of Biggest Loser? Who’s your favorite contestant so far? (I haven’t picked yet – they’re all too whiney still.) What do you think about the show sans Jillian? What about the new trainers? Do you guys even care about the show like I do?


Oh No! JM Leaving BL

11 May

I watched my DVR-ed “Biggest Loser” episode from last night and during one of Jillian Michaels’ 1-1 with the camera she mentioned, “This is my last season with the Biggest Loser.” I nearly cried.

Jillian Michaels & Biggest Loser

This is Jillian's last season on the Biggest Loser

Ok, not really but I was sad. I’ve watched the Biggest Loser for the past 3 or 4 seasons religiously and Jillian was a top reason to watch for me. I would LOVE to have her kick my ass at the gym and I love watching her push contestants to go farther than they thought they could. (Not to mention, I wouldn’t mind have her physique…) And now, she’s not going to be on the show. 😦

Another reason I love watching Biggest Loser is because of how motivating it is for me to actually get myself to the gym. (Unfortunately, I usually watch it first thing in the morning when I’m getting ready to work so I have to wait all day before I can act on my motivation…) But I don’t know how interesting the show, and the workouts shown, is going to be without her. I like Bob, but I’m not a fan of the two new trainers at all. I don’t want to watch contestants box with the new girl trainer – I don’t have access to a boxing ring or a trainer to show me what the heck I’m doing once I put gloves on. Also, the new guy has been trying to hype up this weird African dance-martial art thing…I think it’s silly.

Anyway, I don’t know how late I am to the party in finding out that Jillian Michaels is leaving, but I’m disappointed nonetheless.

Do you watch Biggest Loser? Who are your favorite trainers? Where do you get your motivation to excercise?