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Portion Sizes: Then and Now

31 Aug

My best friend sent me a link and a quick sentence that said, “I wish food was still this small.” I was shocked when I read the article.

In the past 20 years, a bagel has doubled in standard size and more than doubled in calories.

A standard soda has tripled in size and nearly tripled in calories.

A regular blueberry muffin has quintupled ( QUINTUPLED – 5 times bigger than it used to be!!) in size and has 2.5 times as many calories.

When did giant food become acceptable? When did the massesĀ  decide that their meal sizes just weren’t cuttin’ it anymore?

It’s crazy to see the portion sizes compared side-by-side. I just keep hearing a news anchor’s voice saying, “Studies show that ___ is among the fattest cities,” “Childhood obesity increased by XX% in the last year,” “Diabetes is on the rise.”

Well no frickin’ wonder. If you QUINTUPLE a serving size (and don’t have proportionate increases in physical activity), it only makes sense that people will quintuple in size as well.

Read the whole article here: Delish: Portion Sizes Then and Now

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Consider this your Public Service Announcement for the day. You’re welcome.